Modbus-IoT (Modbus over MQTT)

Modbus?? old school protocol (more than 40th years).

when Modbus created, it was created for Serial communication via RS485. after year by year, technology was changing and ethernet / TCP widely used in PLC and industrial control system, then Modbus move their medium to Ethernet and wrap their message in TCP (encapsulated) over ethernet.

Now, when everything going to the cloud or  RTU/PLC are not in the same place with SCADA and it only have internet connection, it will be hard and expensive for Modbus to keep exist in Internet area. because we need at least public IP for each device, or creating VPN.

but with MQTT the message can be send over the broker (on the cloud), so it will be exiting if modbus can be sent through MQTT.

if you’ve heard about Node-red this is cool IoT tools/platform built in NodeJS.

I’m using Node-red to make it’s encapsulation, and Modscan as Modbus Master (or SCADA), and Modsim as Modbus Slave (or  PLC)


Vijeo XL ( Machine SCADA )- Indusoft Web Studio – Intouch Machine Edition – Blue Open Studio

Pada tahun 2013, Indusoft sebuah software company yang bermarkas di Texas USA, di akuisisi / dibeli oleh Vendor dan Multinational Company yang membindagi automation software dan DCS ternama yaitu Invensys dimana perusahaan ini memiliki sebuah rentang produk yang cukup lengkap dari Mulai DCS nya Foxboro DCS, Triconex Safety System, dan si Worldwide Market Leader untuk SCADA dan HMI yaitu Wonderware. Walaupun bertahun-tahun sebelumnya Invensys sudah mengakuisisi Wonderware, sepertinya masih belum puas dengan fitur-fitur dan segment yang ditawarkan oleh Wonderware baik Wonderware System Platform dan keturunannya seperti Intouch HMI. Mungkin Invensys mengejar ranah low-end market dimana indusoft pada saat itu bermain di OEM software dan HMI kelas murah.