Ecostruxure Operator Terminal Expert (EOTE) former of Vijeo XD

Download Link Ecostruxure Operator Terminal Expert:

this software is future replacement of Vijeo Designer. this software previously named as Vijeo XD then changed to EOTE or Operator Terminal Expert

EOTE Communication protocol support:

  • DF1
  • DH485
  • Ethernet/IP
  • Uni-Telway
  • Modbus TCP master
  • Modbus SIO master
  • PacDrive
  • CS/CJ/NJ series Ethernet/IP
  • Modbus TCP slave
  • Modbus SIO slave
  • Zelio Logic
  • Modbus SIO ASCII master
  • Q/QnA Series Ethernet
  • Q series CPU direct
  • Q/QnA series serial
  • Q series QnU CPU Ethernet
  • FX series CPU direct
  • FX series Ethernet
  • FX series computer link
  • IQ-R/F series Ethernet
  • Simatic S7 MPI direct
  • Simatic S7 Ethernet
  • CS/CJ series HOST link
  • CS/CJ series Ethernet
  • ROC Plus SIO
  • ROC Plus Ethernet
  • CANopen slave
  • Profibus DP slave
  • SoMachine network 

Ecostruxure Machine Expert

this installer only contain downloader installer you need good internet connection to install it, it may take whole day to complete if you have poor internet connection.

if you find Machine Expert Basic (Modicon M221) you can download from this link:

Node-Red ~ Modbus Floating Point Convert (Float32 / Real)

this function script is used to convert your 2 words into Float32bit

/* Converts from an number, string, buffer or array representing an IEEE-754 value
 to a javascript float.
 The following may be given in msg.payload:
 A string representing a number, which may be hex or binary
 examples, "1735" "0x02045789" 0b01000000010010010000111111011011
 An integer value
 A two element array or buffer of 16 bit values, less significant byte first.
 A four element array or buffer of 8 bit values, most significant byte first.
 // first make a number from the given payload if necessary
 let intValue;
 if (typeof msg.payload === "number") 
 intValue = msg.payload;
 } else if (typeof msg.payload === "string") {
 intValue = Number(msg.payload);
 } else if (msg.payload.length == 2) {
 // two int array or buffer
 intValue = (msg.payload[1] << 16) + msg.payload[0];
 } else if (msg.payload.length == 4) {
 // four byte array or buffer
 intValue = (((((msg.payload[0] << 8) + msg.payload[1]) << 8) + msg.payload[2]) <<
 8) + msg.payload[3];
 } else {
 node.warn("Unrecognised payload type or length");
 msg.payload = Int2Float32(intValue);
 msg.payload = msg.payload.toFixed(1);
 return msg;
 function Int2Float32(bytes) {
 var sign = (bytes & 0x80000000) ? -1 : 1;
 var exponent = ((bytes >> 23) & 0xFF) - 127;
 var significand = (bytes & ~(-1 << 23));
 if (exponent == 128)
 return sign * ((significand) ? Number.NaN : Number.POSITIVE_INFINITY);
 if (exponent == -127) {
 if (significand === 0) return sign * 0.0;
 exponent = -126;
 significand /= (1 << 22);
 } else significand = (significand | (1 << 23)) / (1 << 23);
 return sign * significand * Math.pow(2, exponent);

Download Unity Pro – Schneider Electric (Modicon PLC)

Pada dasarnya Unity Pro Versi terbaru akan tetap dapat membuka project dari versi sebelumnya jika format file yang disimpan/backup adalah .STA ataupun dapat langsung upload dari controller (CPU PLC). namun untuk kebutuhan lain jika diperlukan berikut adalah link link download untuk Unity Pro berbagai versi.

Recommended Version: Unity Pro 13.1 XLS, XL, L, S :

Download Unity Pro V13.1

Unity Pro 13.0 S,L, XL, XLS: 

Download Unity Pro V13.0

Unity Pro V11 Link: 

Download Unity Pro V11.0

Unity V12 Link: 

Download Unity Pro V12.0

Control Expert 14 :

Modicon M580, M340, Quantum, M580 Safety, M580 Safety Redundant

Modbus-IoT (Modbus over MQTT)

Modbus?? old school protocol (more than 40th years).

when Modbus created, it was created for Serial communication via RS485. after year by year, technology was changing and ethernet / TCP widely used in PLC and industrial control system, then Modbus move their medium to Ethernet and wrap their message in TCP (encapsulated) over ethernet.

Now, when everything going to the cloud or  RTU/PLC are not in the same place with SCADA and it only have internet connection, it will be hard and expensive for Modbus to keep exist in Internet area. because we need at least public IP for each device, or creating VPN.

but with MQTT the message can be send over the broker (on the cloud), so it will be exiting if modbus can be sent through MQTT.

if you’ve heard about Node-red this is cool IoT tools/platform built in NodeJS.

I’m using Node-red to make it’s encapsulation, and Modscan as Modbus Master (or SCADA), and Modsim as Modbus Slave (or  PLC)

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